Customer Relations Experience
Target Pharmacy Rewards


The Target Pharmacy Rewards micro-site runs a Loyalty Lab SaaS program. I began work in the second phase of this build which included a HIPPA agreement, a sign up user interface, connecting and testing the Target Red Card, designing the customer service portal and testing accessibility compliance, and helping with user adaption of the program.

Phase II Wire-frame

Phase II wire-frame details the sequence of events for the sign up flow and the link to the Pharmacy Rewards Red Card.

Target Pharmacy Rewards Sign Up Micro-site

The micro-site sign up sequence was developed according to comps supplied by Target's designer and I worked with a dedicated developer to build the modal sequence.

Target Guest Relations CSR Tools

As part of Phase II, the customer service portal was tested for connectivity to the Red Card. Here I was responsible for customizing fields inside the Loyalty platform.

Target Training Manual

I worked alongside account managers to produce a branded training manual and test adaptation to the program with the Target Guest Relations team.

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