Perfect Fitness Identity
and Product Development


As a result of a very successful infomercial, Perfect Fitness had 1200% growth rate when I came on-board. The start-up was re-branding from a company with a product, the Perfect Pushup, to a fitness company selling exceptional equipment that changes lives. To do this, we started with the flagship product, the Perfect Pushup, told its success story and grew an online community of fitness enthusiasts.

Defining New Identity

President and Navy Seal, Alden Mills, was a focal point of the brand which offered a grueling workout branded in a military style. In order to expand our reach, the brand needed to move beyond it’s millarty roots. My designs evolved collateral, packaging, advertising and web from "Get Ripped" product to highly effective fitness product line. To reinforce familiarity with the brand, I kept the layout in context to the original design.

Perfect Situp Brand and Product Development

During the early development phase, images of the prototype helped to determine best angles for future use. Images of the second prototype and stock photography were used for initial packaging.

V2 Product Development

Our flagship product was recreated, improved and ready to launch. My part in the new product line was managing asset development, fitness guide, product photography, email design, and tracking changes in the style guide.

Perfect Cardio Product Development

When the Perfect Cardio was launched, the new brand was fully adapted. I contributed to the product design through logo design and placement, illustrations, style guide, website design, and packaging. I collaborated with a freelance designer who contributed the layout and illustrations for the fitness guide.

Completing the package was a set of workout videos, a fitness guide and web portal.

Completing the package was a set of workout videos, a fitness guide and web portal.

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