LifeLock Challenge


The UI team at Lifelock challenged me come up with ways to improve their product pages. After a little research I proposed a simple restructuring plan as well as ideas on interactive features which may created better engagement. My focus for the challenge was to improve trust in the product, create intriguing features, and build loyalty by promoting greater transparency.

Competitive Analysis

With a little research, I found service oriented sites present their products with similar structure. Most often they suggest a mid market level of service to get you started. Because Lifelock offered a security service, I began to wonder why would they initially present their lowest tier plan. More over, why not start with the ‘gold standard’ plan that offers the most security?

Recommendations to Lifelock Standard Product Page

My notes on pain points based on my empathy for the user.

A Better Path to the Product

The below diagram creates a better presentation of LIfelock’s services by building the offering at one portal which provides clearer information and easier mobile access.
Typically, the best product features are last in line, at the bottom of the page. I suggested flipping the hierarchy of features, and placing the top tier first. A flat interactive table illuminates features associated with the tier and presents unavailable features in a dimmed state.

Prototype Demonstrating Product Tiers and Glossary Interactivity.

The below prototype .gif demonstrates on/off states of features based on the user’s selected tier. The user can easily access a glossary to let them know more about the service.

Build Brand Loyalty Through Add-on Services

In order to better serve their customers and build brand loyalty, I recommended taking the real time data that Lifelock already accesses as a customer service tool, and present the data for free on their website. The information will help the user identify their risk to identity theft and the level of protection they may need.
Real time life lock data demonstrates product performance and can compare diverse metrics. An online questionnaire can guide the user in determining risk tolerance. With these features outside of authentication, Lifelock will succeed in creating more loyalty with their customers and play a more transparent role in their capabilities.

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