LifeLock Challenge

Current product pages at LifeLock require restructuring and interactive features for better engagement. I identified barriers to decision making, pain points and blocked paths, as well as week brand engagement. My focus was to improve trust in the product, create intriguing features and build loyalty by promoting greater transparency.

Contextual Inquiry - Competitive Analysis

Step 1 - research product offerings at large enterprise websites with similar structures.


Simplify the paths to product tiers

Building the offering in one portal creates easier decision making and opens the platform to mobile devices.

The traditional list placed the best product features at the bottom of the page.
The solution - flip the hierarchy of features, putting the top tier first. A flat interactive table connects features associated with the tier and unavailable features are dimmed.

Prototype demonstrating product tiers and glossary interactivity.


Build brand loyalty

Help the user identify their risk to identity theft and the level of protection they may need.
Real time life lock data demonstrates product performance and can compare diverse metrics.
Online questionnaire can guide the user in determining risk tolerance.

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