User Interface ATEL


ATEL Capital Group is comprised of five divisions operating a $3 billion dollar equipment leasing platform.

Identify Pain Points

Competitive Analysis

Financial technology start-ups are increasingly appearing and shifting the industry to online investing. For ATEL to remain competitive and build brand, they can adopt new interface technology, update their web design, and develop a more modern experience throughout all presentation channels.


Unique user scenarios are identified for custom architecture to be designed within a Drupal platform. Four distinct user types need to authenticate and access individual funds, multiple funds and compliance documents within a secure system. Templates identify needed components for back-end development.

Site flow

Authentication paths are identified. Content is restructured and organized by Funds and a library for compliance documents is integrated.

High Fidelity Wire-frames

HiFi wire-frames address responsive design structure, identify current content and the organization of new content.

Style Guide and Graphic Designs

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