Hello and thanks for checking out my work. My approach to UI, design, and life in general is the simpler the better. My tools are Photoshop, Illustrator, Firebug, CSS, HTML, Omnigraffle, and InDesign. I use InDesign primarily for wireframing but I also like to use it to build comps. I export the file as a pdf and then export the images out of the pdf to use as the final psd comp. I like to work this way because InDesign has handy master style tools for managing objects. Also, importing a pdf into photoshop is a good way to control rasterization.

I find it fun to develop short cuts in the design process. For example I will code CSS live in firebug and once I get it right, I'll copy my work and paste the change into the CSS file. Another way that I build is to intentionally break code and work in smaller test files. I can work with JavaScript and jQuery but I am still learning to hand code JS. Most of my experience with JavaScript developers has taught me that good coders know a level of coding that is an art form. Mostly, I search online for versatile code that I can work with.

Also, I play well with others, share toys, and promote push up breaks.



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